PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy Roma Georgia

This particular method of therapy focuses mostly on acute condition of the body. The purpose for physiotherapy in our office is to reduce swelling (inflammation) that the body maybe experiencing. This method of therapy also help muscle spasm and tightness reduce so that relaxation of the soft tissues on a particular area of the body may be achieved. Physiotherapy is used in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment during the acute phase of care to also stimulate the healing process of the soft tissues that the body is experiencing. The different types of physiotherapy used in our office are electrical and manual muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cold laser, spinal traction and more. Ask Dr. Paxton if you think physiotherapy may be for your condition.

Rehabilitative TherapyPhysiotherapy Rome Georgia

This method of therapy is mostly used when the patient has completed the acute phase of care. Muscular rehabilitation is crucial in the corrective phase of chiropractic care. By this time the patient's pain level has significantly reduced and the focus is on stretching and strengthening certain weakened or damaged stabilizing muscles and soft tissues of the spine and/or extraspinal structures. With successful completion of this phase of care the patient's body should be more conditioned and strong enough to handle activities of daily living with less or no pain at all. If you have any questions the doctor will assist you.